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  • Your donation supports the only dedicated Children’s Hospital in the Community.

  • We serve the 1.2 million Inland Empire children — and we are the only destination for the sickest and most critically injured.

  • We admit 15,000 children annually and provide ambulatory care to another 160,000.

  • We are part of the Inland Empire’s only designated Level 1 Trauma Center — one of only five in California.

  • Our wholeness practices are life changing, unique and integrated into everything we do.

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Your donation impacts your local children’s hospital, which means local kids and your community.

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In 2020, we will no longer be able to use major portions of our Hospital for our sickest patients due to our state’s stringent new seismic requirements. With so many children and families depending on us for lifesaving care, we have an opportunity to build a new children’s facility. At Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital our commitment is to keeping our region’s children healthy and happy. Give today and help build hope and expand our opportunity to care for even more children through Vision 2020.

Pediatric Oncology Patient

Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital’s Impact on the Community:

  • 1200000
    California youth rely on Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital as their sole children’s hospital.
  • 86550
    Inpatients and outpatients treated at Children’s Hospital in 2016-2017.
  • 1200
    Children that are critically ill or injured are transported to the Children’s Hospital from surrounding hospitals each year.

Your Donations At Work

Learn about the new areas coming soon to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital thanks to your generous donations.

  • Children’s Hospital Lobby
  • More Space for Healing & Teaching
  • Private Patient Rooms
  • Children’s Tower School Room
  • Children’s Physical and Occupational Therapy Room
  • Dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department
  • TotalCare Birth Center
  • Expanding our NICU
  • Children’s Hospital Lobby

    Our new health care complex and Children's Tower will be an extension of our unique compassionate whole child care approach.

    The healing process begins as you step into the new Children's Hospital lobby. Carefully considered furnishings and sound design will provide a soothing reprieve from the stresses of sickness and injury.

    Through a new interactive design process, we will incorporate the most advanced technology as we develop creative solutions to our patients' space and flow needs.

  • More Space for Healing & Teaching

    Patients who come to Loma Linda University Children's Hospital truly benefit from the wonderful advantages of our academic health science center. Here our medical teams are not only care providers, but faculty who research and develop the latest therapies and treatments.

    The new Children's Hospital tower and floor designs will provide 40 percent more space for patient care and teaching. This will ensure privacy for patients and their information, enhanced comfort for children and their families and space for advances in new patient-care technology.

    Proper academic and consulting spaces will also provide areas for medical students and professors to confer without disrupting traffic, compromising privacy or disturbing patients.

    Children's Hospital Bed Counts

    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - Projected 100
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) - Projected 117
    • Medical/Surgical Units - Projected 112
    • TotalCare Birth Center - Projected 44
    • TOTAL - 373
  • Private Patient Rooms

    Private rooms create a more homelike atmosphere and provide a special level of comfort, which is increasingly recognized as having a positive impact on patients, satisfaction, healing and clinical outcomes. Single patient rooms are also shown to reduce the risk of infections and increase patient safety. In the new tower, 100 percent will be private single-child rooms.

  • Children’s Tower School Room

    Some children stay in our hospital not just a few weeks, but for months at a time. A dedicated school, with a licensed teacher on staff, allows these children to continue their education during their treatment.

    Located centrally on the 6th floor of the new tower, the school is integral to the future success and healing of our children.

  • Children’s Physical and Occupational Therapy Room

    At our Children's Hospital physical and occupational therapy help children regain necessary abilities for their best recovery. The new tower will have a dedicated pediatric OT/PT treatment room located on the 9th floor for children to relearn life skills, like tying their shoes, buttoning a shirt, brushing their hair and even walking.

    At Loma Linda University Children's Hospital our specialized therapists have an amazing way of encouraging children by throwing some fun into their healing process while helping them reach their full potential to live healthier, whole lives.

  • Dedicated Pediatric Emergency Department

    The expanded Children's Hospital tower will include a dedicated emergency department with ambulance access from the main thruway - Barton Road. With nearly two times more space than our current emergency department, we will be able to treat more pediatric trauma patients.

    Children require specialized treatment that is very different from adult medicine. Having a completely dedicated pediatric emergency department will allow our expert pediatric medical team to focus only on these children. Their expertise will make all the difference in the lives of our children.

  • TotalCare Birth Center

    The new TotalCare Birth Center will offer the full spectrum of services for babies and parents - from the earliest stages of pregnancy through the first few months of life.

    As a Level 1 Trauma Center, we are equipped to address even the most complicated cases with advanced technology and world-class specialists on-site at all times. As the only birth center in our region offering this level of care, we treat a large number of high-risk pregnancies - including many referred to us from other hospitals.

    The new TotalCare Birth Center will include a special labor and delivery room for high-risk pregnancies, tow dedicated C-section surgical suites with direct access to an infant stabilization room via pass-through windows, and three bays for post-anesthesia recovery.

  • Expanding our NICU

    Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is one of the most advanced in the world and one of the first neuro NICUs in the nation. With the building of the new Children's Hospital tower, valuable clinical space will now be available for the expansion of our current NICU.

    The new NICU will occupy twice its current floor space and accommodate up to 100 babies, each in a private room. The space is also programmed for an on-site infant MRI utilizing new technology - found almost nowhere else in the U.S. - to address safety, immobilization and other challenges of infant imaging.

building render

We Build Hope for Tomorrow

Together, we build hope for tomorrow with a new Children’s Hospital tower and a healthier future for our families and communities.

View Project Rendering

We are building to meet the growing needs of our community:

  • Private rooms for our tiniest patients.

  • Dedicated Children's Emergency Department.

  • New State-of-the-Art Adult Hospital Facility.

Aidan’s Story

“If something happens to me Mom, you’ll know. You’ll be right there.”

My seven-year-old son, Aidan, asked me to sleep next to him in his bed during his stays at Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital. I held him every night because he was afraid he was dying.

Aidan is the youngest of my five children and he has always been a healthy kid…until last April. He came down with a persistent, high fever. He coughed and vomited repeatedly, even choking at times. I took him to a nearby urgent care facility. They told us he had the flu and should stay hydrated.

Over the next few days, Aidan seemed to improve until he began to have croup-like coughing fits. I took him to the emergency room at a local hospital in Palm Desert twice, but the wait time was between 12-14 hours–too long for Aidan to sit there, so we returned home. Finally, I took him to the emergency room at 2 a.m. when it was less crowded and they were able to examine him.

A chest x-ray revealed a spot on Aidan’s lung. The doctors suspected tuberculosis and quickly transported him by ambulance to Loma Linda University (LLU) Children’s Hospital. After more testing, Aidan was diagnosed with the virus commonly known as Strep-A. Two of his siblings had also contracted it, but Aidan was affected much more severely.

We were shocked to learn the reason why. While Aidan was vomiting in those first few days, he aspirated—drawing the acidic liquid into his lung—and it had eaten away a fist-sized portion of his upper right lobe. Aidan’s life was in serious danger.

His next 20 days were spent in isolation within the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at LLU Children’s Hospital. During that time, Aidan experienced frightening reactions to two different medications. His temperature shot up to 106°, then his body grew cold, and his skin turned gray. I watched my little boy fade away before my eyes.

But with every hurdle, the medical team at Children’s Hospital took quick action to stabilize Aidan. Their expertise was phenomenal, as was their compassion. His wonderful nurses prayed with us, comforted us, and truly went out of their way to give Aidan the best care possible. They helped us keep our hope alive and our faith strong.

Finally, Aidan reached a turning point. In a dream one night, he saw his nine-year-old sister, Anastasia, in the room. “Sissy was here and she was holding my hand,” he told me. “She was wearing a headband with gold butterflies on it. Behind her was a man with his hand on her shoulder. He said I was going to be okay.” From that day on, Aidan grew stronger and he was finally released to go home.

But Aidan’s journey was not yet over. With his immune system depleted, Aidan contracted another virus and we were back at Children’s Hospital within a week. He was placed into a reverse isolation unit—which meant neither he or I could leave his room. After several more days, Aidan’s white blood cell count increased and he came home again.

Since June, Aidan has had regular follow up visits and lab work to monitor his improvement. With the newly-opened LLU Children’s Health Center in Indio, we only have to drive a few minutes for care instead of an hour and a half to the hospital. For Aidan and me, this Center is such a relief. I could not ask for better, more convenient care for my son.

Aidan is on his way to a full recovery and able to attend school again. Without Children’s Hospital and the Indio Center, he would not have made it to this point. We count our blessings daily—grateful to the medical experts who saved Aidan, the caring staff we encountered throughout Children’s Hospital, and for your generosity.

Your continued support for Children’s Hospital and Vision 2020—Loma Linda University Health’s campaign for a Whole Tomorrow—reaches far and wide. Children from our region and beyond will benefit from pioneering research, clinical breakthroughs, education and training for the next generation of physicians and researchers, and expanded services, while an all-new Children’s Hospital tower will offer an ideal environment for patients and families.
So please, take a moment now to make your end-of-year gift to
Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.

Thanks to Children’s Hospital and your big-hearted generosity, my family and I have much to celebrate this holiday season. We wish you and your loved ones the same—may you cherish your time together.


April M.
Aidan’s mom

P.S. Please make your 100% tax-deductible gift to Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital today! Every dollar helps children like Aidan overcome serious illnesses and injuries, and truly thrive. Thank you for giving him and so many others this chance.

Patient Stories

Your online donation can make all the difference. Read how Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital impacted these children’s lives.

  • "Paisley got a second chance at life. So, quite frankly, it feels like a second chance for Rick and me, too. We just couldn’t even imagine a life without her." - Charity, mother of Paisley

  • "Even though he's been through so much, he's such a happy baby. Loma Linda University Children's Hospital brought a family together. They gave us our son, healthy." - Gian

  • "As long as we had help from Loma Linda, we knew that Sabrina could have the long life that God had intended for her to have." - Bethany R.

  • "Sarah’s comfort and care was always top priority. The care she received made all the difference in her survival and recovery, I cannot imagine going to any other Children’s Hospital." - Paula M.